PDF-tiedostoIAQ presentation at IAQ EOQ Helsinki Mehta.pdf (591 kB)
Janak Mehta, Chairman, IAQ, Greetings from International Academy for Quality
PDF-tiedostoTo klo 11.30 Tercek EOQ FINAL June 1.pdf (21.7 MB)
VAPORIZED! REDEFINING QUALITY IN A SOCIETY SHAPED BY SOFTWARE Robert Tercek, Author of VAPORIZED: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World
PDF-tiedostoThe Efficiency Paradox - Niklas Modig (1).pdf (18.2 MB)
Niklas Modig, Lean Expert, Author of This is Lean - The Efficiency Paradox
PDF-tiedostoMade in China and China's Quality (update version).pdf (2.2 MB)
Mr. Jia Fuxing, President of China Association for Quality (CAQ)-Made in China and China Quality
PDF-tiedostoEOQ Keynote - Helsinki - Watson - 2 June 2016.pdf (840 kB)
Designed Improvement: NEXTGEN Quality Thinking, Gregory H. Watson, Chairman, Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd.
PDF-tiedostoAddress at 60th EOQ Mr. Huang Guoliang from AQSIQ.pdf (198 kB)
Mr. Huang Guoliang from AQAIQ